Fit India Movement

Fitness Week 2019 (Fit India Movement)

On 18th Nov. 2019

All the students participated in this campaign whole heatedly and attentively and gave a message to keep our surrounding heat and clean. They gave message of personal cleanliness and community sanitation.

On 19th Nov. 2019

In the morning assembly all the students from class 6th to 12th participated. The yoga coach Mr. vinod godara taught the students about the importance of yoga.he also gave demonstration of yoga aashana.

On 20th Nov. 2019

Our school conducted meditation class to aware the students about the importance of meditation.

On 21th Nov. 2019

Fit environment programme was organized in our school. The students participated whole heartedly

On 22th Nov. 2019

On 22st Nov. 2019, 04 day under the campaign “Physical Activities for all students” In which events. Like:- rope- skipping, sketing, judo, were conducted.

On 23th Nov. 2019

A quiz competition was organized for the betterment and upligtment of the students. The students participated and learnt a lot of things.