The Academic Process

The Academic Process


National Curriculum Framework as per directions suggested by CBSE and syllabus organized NCERT text books from the basis for evolving the academic process. It is discussed here in brief:-

  • Curriculum and Pedagogy : The curriculum design and its delivery is evolved around the child centered approach to learning. Great care is taken to address the individual needs of pupils and to make teaching a means of harnessing child's creative nature.
  • Performance Appraisal : The evaluation process here is designed to meet the needs of different age groups. Evaluation is comprehensive and continuous uniformly spread over the entire academic year.

Primary Level(Class I to V):

The academic process here is characterized by 'Learning without Burden'.

  • Students are assessed during regular class hours while they are learning. Learning activities provide the elevator (Teacher) basis for observational and qualitative assessment of pupils.
  • Evaluations requiring writing work re kept for shorter durations.

Middle LEVEL (Class VI to VIII):

Class room learning is re-inforced through field work experiences. Projects and activities re promoted. teachers collect, analyze and interpret the child's performance, on various measures of assessment, to come to an understanding of the students learning in different domains. Evaluations process for different subjects as suggested by CBSE in curriculum for secondary level. Emphasis is laid on expressive and particular functions of language learning.

Senior LEVEL (Class Ix to XIII):

Project work & laboratory practices are integrated with classroom learning. Development of scientific temper and making children sensitive towards environment and need for its protection are given importance inn the curriculum design. Evaluation as suggested in the curriculum by CBSE and Senior Secondary levels is followed in word & spirit.

Promotion Criteria:

I to V : Students are prompted to the next level of learning (class) based on the grades/marks acquired by them during performance appraisals, spread over the academic year.

VI to IX : Students are awarded grades/marks to indicate the subject-wise performance. Students obtaining the qualifying in all subjects prompted to next class.